Vice and Virtue

The Story So Far

The four adventurers first met, most of them having recently arrived in Tyr, when they were hired by Lord Carvel Drannath, the founder of the Seekers’ Guild, to investigate the disappearance of another group of adventurers employed by the guild, the Platinum Shield. The Shield had been sent to the nearby dwarven mine of Dekzhurad, and sent a magical distress call from there. The mine had been long abandoned, but was recently reopened, and as the adventurers arrived there, they found it overrun by spiders, the dwarven miners driven out once more. On the way, they also witnessed a strange meteor falling onto the mine.

Investigating the mine, the adventurers eventually found the Platinum Shield, three of them still alive, though their leader had turned traitor and called up the spiders from a deep hole in the ground. He had been converted by Lolth, who seemingly had physically fallen to the world, creating the hole with her impact. Defeating the fallen paladin, the adventurers returned only to witness the public execution of four of the twelve merchant lords of the ruling council of Tyr by priests of Avandra. They were rewarded for their services, though troubling questions remained.

Nevertheless they were soon sent on another task to the mining town of Earthsgate, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of slave shipments over the recent years. Stopping a group of kobolds led by a dragonborn from attacking a coach led by a dwarf, the adventurers arrived otherwise unhindered only to discover there were more things amiss in Earthsgate than first believed.

The town turned out to be under the control of Lady Belladonna Atroya, a powerful vampire living in a nearby castle, and her twin daughters. Most of the townspeople appeared to be mindless slaves, only a few finding safe haven in the church of Pelor in town, where a strange eladrin woman named Ankshi, who seemed to have a strong divine aura, protected people from the vampires and the lethargy otherwise resting over the town.

After a brief encounter with Seronel, the newest member of the Atroya family, that ended in his handy defeat, the adventurers returned to the church to make plans. On the next day, they headed out to Earthsgate Castle to gather more information on the vampires during daylight, but were stopped by the strange Black Guard employed by the vampires, who seemed to be magically controlled puppets of some sort. They fought, and made their way into the castle, hoping to find more clues about what’s going on there, particularly since there seemed to be more to it all than just the vampires… the shadow lying over Earthsgate might have something to do with another fallen god.



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