A mysterious eladrin woman with a divine aura


Ankshi is an eladrin woman who protects the townspeople of Earthsgate from the local vampires, residing in the church of Pelor. The townspeople look up to her and almost worship her like a goddess.

The first thing Ankshi can remember is a sensation of falling, then an impact, only shortly before the adventurers arrived in Earthsgate. The local townspeople found her in the woods where a star had fallen.

She remembers a feeling of being shattered, and believes that she is only one piece of a deity, with others like her scattered actross the world. Even with all her power, she feels vulnerable without them, and has a feeling that she is being hunted. She can sometimes feel flashes of the presence of her other shards, but can’t make out how many there are or where they currently reside.

She doesn’t know part of which deity she is.

The mysterious armoured man is very interested in her, but can’t approach her, likely due to her warding spell. Her other shards might not fare as well, without warning.


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