Kathryn Dùmas

A justicar of Erathis, torn from the ranks of Tyr's mercenaries.


Paladin of Erathis, Human.

Favored Arms: Bastard sword, wielded one-handed, and metal kite shield.

Kathryn stands 6’2" with a lean but toned body, usually sheathed in a carapace of ornately decorated metal. Her shoulder-long raven hair is usually kept in a bob to keep it from getting much in her steel-grey eyes.


Having spent most of her upbringing as an orphan in the lap of the Silvercloaks, a small band of mercenaries based in Tyr, Kathryn had few friends and yet she never felt alone, a voice always with her when she was by herself, comforting her and reassuring her. Though she referred to this voice initially as “Mother”, it became clear to her as she grew up that this voice was Erathis – or at least one of her representatives. Shortly after this realization, Kathryn asked permission from her adoptive father to join the Church of Erathis in Tyr, and with his blessing she became a squire there.

It took her only a few years to rise through the ranks, eventually achieving the rank of Knight before she was contacted by the Seekers’ Guild, a certain Lord Carvel Drannath bringing news that he might have information about what happened to Kathryn’s real parents. Needless to say, her sense of justice and belonging, and her curiosity got the better of her and she took a leave of absence from the Church to attend a life-changing meeting at the Guild.

Kathryn Dùmas

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