Nylla and Itrea Atroya

Vampire twins


Nylla and Itrea Atroya are the identical twin daughters of Lady Belladonna Atroya. They reside with their mother, ruling over Earthsgate. Like her, they are eladrin vampires. They sleep on the upper level of Earthsgate Castle in their coffins, one surrounded by pillows, the other by burning candles.

They don’t approve of their mother choosing to make Seronel one of their family, and consider him weak and would rather see him gone.

Nylla prefers to get up close and personal, and her weaknesses include holy symbols and holy water. Nylla’s Bane, a red gem, helps against her.

Itrea prefers her magic. She is a compulsive counter, i.e. she has to count anything she sees. This might be used against her somehow. Itrea’s Bane, a blue gem, helps against her.

Apparently, they are immune to sunlight, or at least protected from it inside the castle somehow.

Nylla and Itrea Atroya

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