Platinum Shield

An adventuring party commissioned by the Seekers’ Guild.



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Recently, the Platinum Shield was sent by Lord Carvel Drannath to retrieve something from the dwarven mine of Dekzhurad. They never returned, but Content Not Found: drakkir-pentos sent a magical distress call.

The adventurers were sent in after them on a rescue mission.Content Not Found: drakkir-pentos_ was found dead. Content Not Found: sir-nilas-tahn_ had turned traitor and is now imprisoned in Tyr. Content Not Found: njall was left in the mines fighting to keep from falling to her Red Rage. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Content Not Found: llyandril-feathertouch was rescued from spiders and is back in Tyr and doing well, apart from some lingering trauma.

Platinum Shield

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