Seekers' Guild

The Seekers’ Guild is an offshoot of a larger guild, headed up by Lord Carvel Drannath, a distant relation to the head of the larger parent guild. A small, private project, the Seekers’ Guild is looking to make a name for itself by finding rare and powerful artifacts. If a client believes something is hidden at a certain place, the Seekers’ Guild will attempt to locate and acquire the relic/weapon/tome/whatnot. The Seekers are currently running several adventuring parties, including The Platinum Shield and the adventurers.

Known Members


Lord Carvel Drannath

His secretary
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The Platinum Shield

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The Adventurers

Cyl Morrow
Kathryn Dùmas
Meriele Amakiir

Seekers' Guild

Vice and Virtue Namyra