Tyr is one of the very few large cities in the world. Two other cities, Silvas and Helsaeed are several weeks travel away, and merchant caravans occasionally make the trip between them.

Tyr is run by various merchant guild leaders. It’s a town of economy, built by merchants. These merchant guilds hire adventuring parties fairly regularly.

While not an ideal place to live for many, Tyr is relatively crime free. It has a shady side, but the merchants don’t like their shit getting stolen. Black markets, industrial espionage, and ‘higher level’ crime, however, is not uncommon and considered “one of those things” – not acknowledged, but everyone knows its happening.

Racial discrimination isn’t common in Tyr, being a merchant city.

Tyr only has a small Mage’s Guild and mostly caters to wizards (you know, the casters who actually buy things rather than just being gifted).

Tyr is a broad minded city. Worship of evil gods is rather frowned upon (although some would say Tiamat has her paws in the greed side of things), and Avandra holds a special place in the city’s heart.

The ruling castes, a merchant nobility basically installed for their wealth, are largely disconnected from the average commoner.


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